Artist Statement



My art practice involves my hands, body and objects that were given to me from a place in which I have never been, yet, return from, always; in constant flux yet brutally focused. It moves according to my psychological orientation, to my unconscious, to an inanimate drawing on a piece of paper.  

I begin with an aggravation, usually triggered socially yet parametrically, and untangled via sketch where the storytelling begins. I combine performance installation, photography, drawing and sculpture, as an extension of my expression. Digested through dreams, I choreograph social ideals while revealing its darkness sprinkled with political, architecturally monumental and heroic undertones where human pores are always in sight. Once adapted, I redraw the incident, to explore further the idealized behavioral social dynamic, empathizing, yet resisting its condition. This process of replaying, retracing, allows for the impossible ideal to become possible.
The ‘Gender Truce Project’, is a wrapper investigating residual anxieties around body and gender that are unresolved and require intervention. My recent work, explores the social tensions between genders and their politics through a time-based performance, photoworks and drawings called “The Perch”. I replay scenes via a ritualistic method that builds a gender bridge resulting in a new sense of self equity in the world. 

I am also looking at recent scandals in entertainment, corporate and tech industries where my reaction to the women being harassed are being recorded through sculptural studies. These sculptures / the “Flesh Estates”, involve exploring materials including exaggerated pore-like flesh dipped in wet resin combined with guillotine steel plates, depicting the body being violated in different ways through stories told by the women/victims in question.